IIBT is a vibrant and dynamic educational institution with a commitment to excellence. We invite you to enrol in IIBT and benefit from our knowledge and experience in training and education.

IIBT’s academic program is delivered by leading education practitioners and qualified industry experts who provide real-life applications for your studies accompanied by contemporary theoretical application and workplace knowledge. Our goal is to equip our graduates to meet the challenges of a complex, interconnected and changing world.

With over 16 years in Education, IIBT has successfully;

  • Educated and trained international students for more than 16 years.
  • Educated and trained students in three countries (with Vietnam being four).
  • Educated and trained more than 10,000 in the International University Pathway Programs.
  • Educated, trained and helped more than 4,000 students move to Australia to further their University Education alone in recent years.
  • Witnessed growth throughout the Global Financial Crisis with little effect on existing programs.
  • Continued to grow and expand strongly with Vietnam opening in 2014. Other countries in South East Asia, Africa and South America to be launched in the following years.
  • We assist students with all aspects of Visa for entry into countries where students wishes to continue their studies.