We are looking for Vietnamese IT professional to work in Australia. Minimum 3 years related job experience and a career driven attitude.

  • Multi Vacancies in the field of IT
  • Growing business
  • State of the art site
  • Great opportunity with career progression.

Key Responsibilities:

IT Job Descriptions By Category

Analysts >

Evaluate existing applications, data, hardware and other systems in order to recommend enhancements.

Related job descriptions: Applications system analyst, business data analyst, business systems analyst, information technology auditor, quality control analyst

Database Development, Administration & Business Intelligence >

Data drives intelligent business decisions, and eligible candidates should know how to store it, manage it, interpret it and apply it.

Related job descriptions: Data Architect, Data Management Director, Database Analyst, Database Report Writer, Data Warehouse Manager

Enterprise Systems Analysis & Integration >

Companies have made huge investments in enterprise systems, and you should help those investments pay off.

Related job descriptions: CRM specialist, ERP analyst, ERP project manager, operating systems programmer, SAP Project Manager, Systems Architect

Health IT >

The HiTech Act, ICD-10/11 requirements and the growing reliance on Electronic Health Records demands professionals with expertise that encompasses both IT and healthcare.

Related job descriptions: Ambulatory Systems Analyst, Clinical Systems Analyst, Health Information Management (HIM) Project Manager, Interface Analyst, Revenue Cycle Architect/Builder

Management & Project Management >

IT is fast paced. Using project management skills, idela candidate must keep teams up.

Related job descriptions: Data Center Director, IT Project Coordinator, IT Project Manager, IT Technology Manager, Project Engineering Manager

Network/System Design & Administration >

Internal and external customers expect experience on employer’s network to be seamless. Programmers in this sector, relying on knowledge of GIS, Java, .Net and other techniques, make it happen.

Related job descriptions: Enterprise Infrastructure Architect, Messaging Engineer, Network Administrator, Network Control Technician, Network Engineer, Systems Administrator

Programming/Software Engineering >

Use your impressive technical skill sets, design expertise, develop and maintain software.

Related job descriptions: Applications Engineer, Applications Systems Architect, Mainframe Programmer, Software Architect, Software Engineer, Software Quality Assurance Analyst

Security >

Company’s intellectual property is valuable, and so is the consumer data stored. Your job is to protect it.

Related job descriptions: Data Security Analyst, Data Security Manager Data Security Supervisor, IS Security Manager, Systems/Application Security Analyst

Technical Support >

Company’s systems, hardware and software can only provide value when it is working and fully functional. Technical Support professionals make sure it always is.

Related job descriptions: Computer Operator, Customer Service Representative, Help Desk Manager/Supervisor, Installation & Maintenance Technician, LAN/WAN Administrator, Technical Support Analyst

Technical Writing >

IT is a language all its own. Your job is to help interpret it, record it and translate it into business terms for business’ leaders.

Related job descriptions: Documentation Specialist, Web Editor, Technical Trainer, Technical Writer

Web Development & Administration >

From content to design to UX, ideal candidate should keep web presence current and engagement.

Related job descriptions: Content Engineer, Designer, Graphical User Interface (GUI) Programmer, Interface Design Director, Web Applications Developer, Webmaster

Successful applicant will also have demonstrated experience in:

  • IT Software/Hardware degree
  • Recent experience in any type of Programming
  • People management and leadership experience or 3 years experience in IT
  • English minimum of IELTS 6.0

This is a hand’s on role and an excellent opportunity for the right person to take the next step in development and career progression, where fresh ideas and innovation are recognised and rewarded.

To apply please send your CV to Mark Diamzon, consultant@iibt.edu.vn.

To apply, please submit your resume below.

Telephone : 1800 6670

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