The Academic Pearson English Test (PTE) is specifically designed to assess if students are ready to participate in university-level English language programs. As such, it is accepted by over 6000 colleges and universities worldwide, including Harvard Business School and Yale, as proof of international students’ English abilities.

The PTE is currently also accepted by Australian immigration authorities as proof of English competency as part of a visa application. See for further information.


The PTE is a computer based test that is completed in no more than 3 hours. Test takers will be provided with a computer and a headset to listen and respond to questions. The test will assess the student’s reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through a range of different question formats. The test material is selected in a way that reflects real life academic English use, so students will hear a range of different accents.

Usually, results are available in 5 days.


If students plan to take the PTE, they should consider enrolling in IIBT’s Pearson Training course.

Test Dates