Research shows us that the top achievers in life and university aren’t always the top students at high school. In recognition of this IIBT Australia has developed a range of scholarships designed to recognize the potential for achievement in a range of people.

These scholarships all apply to the IIBT Diploma of Business Administration (Dip BA) which is a Higher Education qualification equivalent to the first year of university study. On successful completion graduates will articulate into one of a number of top universities directly into second year, including Curtin and ECU in WA.  The Dip BA is a Business Based qualification but students can articulate into most degree courses at ECU and a number of Business and Humanity courses at Curtin with full credit. Please speak with a career counselor at IIBT for more information.

President Scholarship

The Presidents Scholarship is designed to recognise high academic achievement in International students. Students achieving top grades in their home country course / university or in the top 10% of their English Language cohort at IIBT’s English Language college are eligible for this scholarship.

  • Student type: International student
  • Open to: Top 10% of students in their cohort in Academic English at IIBT or the international
    students achieving greater than 85% in their High School Graduate Exam.
  • Applicable course: Dip BA
  • Amount: 20% reduction of course fees. Determined by Scholarship Selection Committee.

IIBT Financial Support Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to support students who are unable to meet the costs of higher education due to financial hardship.

  • Student type:  Domestic Students and currently enrolled international students.
  • Open to: Prospective and current domestic and international enrolled students. Limited to 1 per
    intake of Dip BA
  • Applicable course: Dip BA
  • Amount:   50% or 100% of total course costs. Determined by Scholarship Selection Committee.

*Scholarship Terms and Conditions

We will not share you details, we promise! Upon entering this competition, IIBT will communicate with you in the future regarding their courses, newsletters and any other interesting information relating to IIBT. This is a competitive process. Up to 25 scholarships may be granted. Applicants may be interviewed during the week of December 8th-12th 2014Final ATAR results must be provided by successful scholarship winners. IIBT will draw the scholarship to the value of $2062.5 and winners announced 16th December 2014.Scholarship winners must commence the Diploma of Business Administration in either Trimester 1 2015 (5th January 2015) or Trimester 2 2015 (13th of April 2015).Scholarship Granting Councils decision is final. The scholarship cannot be transferred to another course or redeemed in cash.

All scholarships require each applicant to meet IIBT’s academic and English requirements of the course in addition to the specific criteria for the scholarship they are applying for.