IIBT’s Student Counsellors are trained to provide effective evidence-based interventions to help students build strengths,improve well-being and achieve academic success. Individual counselling is free, confidential and available to all currently enrolled students of IIBT.


Face-to-face counselling

If you’re struggling emotionally, face-to-face counselling could be the best option for you. IIBT counselling interventions are based on recognised best practice. You and your counsellor will discuss the most helpful ways of achieving your goals and develop an intervention plan.

To make an appointment, either phone or see IIBT’s Administration officer and request for an appointment with an IIBT’s Student Counsellor.

Mental Health Emergencies

If you are experiencing an urgent mental health concern please come straight to the IIBT’s Administration office. Reception staff will ask a counsellor to see you as emergency. This service is only available during working hours.

Learning Counsellors

Learning Counsellors are individual one-off sessions that will assist you with examining how factors such as your personality and individual learning style may be effecting your motivation and engagement with your studies. In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn new skills to assist you to re-engage and to develop a personal development plan to help you improve your academic performance.

Appointment cancellations and changes

You are welcome to phone and change your appointment. However, due to the high demand for appointments – especially during peak periods of semester – we ask that you give a day’s notice if you want to change or cancel your session so that other students can make use of that time slot. Find out how to contact us here.

Confidentiality and information storage

Our counsellors follow the IIBT’s strict codes of ethical conducts and our staff will not discuss your personal information or attendance details with anyone outside of IIBT Student Counselling Services department, unless you have given us your written permission. The only exceptions are when:

  • your counsellor judges that not disclosing information would result in clear danger to yourself or to others
  • reporting of information is required by the law
  • your file is subpoenaed by a court of law.

Counsellors are required to keep records of each counselling session for the purposes of monitoring progress and statistical analysis of our service’s efficacy (e.g. IIBT Student Counselling Services attendance numbers, average number of sessions and common presentation issues). We will not use your name, contact details or other identifiable data in these statistics.

Your counselling file is kept at Student Counselling Services, and is connected to your IIBT student file. Only Student Counselling Services staff can access your file. IIBT shall maintain confidential recordsof your file for referencesof future visits by the counselled student.