International Student Advisers

IIBT International Student Advisers provide support to students intending on studying overseas on issues related to Student Visas. We can help you by:

  • discussing any concerns you have about Student Visa issues
  • referring you to appropriate support services on campus
  • generating supporting documentation so that you can apply for a new student visa

We also meet with and provide advice to students intending on studying overseas who did not pass 50 per cent or more of their units of study to consult, advise and guide these students to ensure success in those student’s intended overseas study. Should you be asked to attend a meeting of this type with us, it is most important that you attend.

How To Schedule A Meeting With Us

We are more than happy to meet with you one-on-one should you wish to discuss your concerns or ask questions. To schedule a meeting with us, please contact us by contacting us or click and fill the Visa Application Enquiry form below.

Other Visa Services

IIBT’s Professional Visa Services are available to help with the following Visa types:

I want To Study In One Of These Countries or Another Country