Want to study in Australia?

We can understand! It’s a first world country and one of the top destination of international students. Students study in Australia due to its high-standard universities, quality of life and native English speaking environment. This made Australia one of the world’s leading destinations for students who wants to study abroad.

Study in Australia 2016 - IIBT Vietnam

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Australia offers many options for international students. Student can choose more than 22,000 courses in over 1,200 institutions across the country. You can choose from English language courses to higher education, that includes studying in Australian Universities.

Vietnamese students who continued their education at IIBT Australia are now enjoying the cool weather, weekend drinks and outdoor preparation of food and activities. You will surely experience a good living and most of all, gain advantage of Australia’s impressive higher education system.

But it is not easy for some students to go apply and study in Australia. Major problems of Vietnamese students  are:

  • English Level Requirement
  • Funds
  • Student Visa
  • Inability to adapt Australia’s education method

The above items are causing Vietnamese students to stop dreaming of becoming an international student. Don’t lose hope. Some students like them were able to get there and study.  If you don’t meet the documents/requirements, there are alternatives available for you. Depending on your previous studies and the final qualification you want to study, you can still enrol and continue studying in Australia.

If you need help on this, take the next step! Send us inquiry or call us at 1800 6670.

Know more about Australian Education

Information below includes facts about education in Australia, cost, requirements for international students and steps to apply. Learn how students from Vietnam can go to Australia to study. Online application is also available.

University of Tasmania
University of Wollongong
Curtin University
Swinburne University of Technology
CQ University Australia
Bond University

Education Cost:

Education in Australia are not cheap, with starting from 7,800 up to 30,000 Australian dollars.


  • Enrolment Confirmation
  • Proof of finances
  • Medical check-ups/ health insurance
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Criminal record checks
  • Visa applications

How to Apply:

  1. Choose to study in Australia
  2. Decide what course and university you will study
  3. Apply for the course online
  4. Received Enrolment Confirmation
  5. Apply for Student Visa
  6. Plan your arrival

Student Information

Educational Qualifications