Student Visa Services

To become an international student in the United States, one must have student visa. This type of visa is approved if student have an accredited course from an American university. IIBT in partnership with top universities for international students in the United States will help you to get there and study via IIBT. Our International Student Advisers provide support to students who will study in the United States. We can help you by:

  • discussing any concerns you have about Student Visa Application
  • providing you an appropriate campus support services
  • generating supporting documents for your visa application

Tips to make your student visa application hassle free and fast.

One requirement to get this visa is an invitation or a proof that you have been accepted by a college or university authorized by the United States Citizenship and Naturalization Service to enroll non-immigrant students. Non-immigrant because you will be going back to Vietnam after your study.

Each applicant must allocate a lot of time for the visa application. Sometimes, students will undergo additional screening process and may take you application longer. Student Visas can be issued up to 120 days depending on your case. You must apply as early as possible, IIBT will provide training on interviews for a higher chances of approval.

Interview is extremely a crucial part of your visa application. IIBT suggests you to apply three months before your departure to the United States. In some cases, there will be delays on application due to some reasons so there will be extra time for you on this. You can also have enough time to file an appeal if your visa is denied.

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Basic Requirements

IIBT requires the following documents to assess your eligibility for student visa:

  • Passport – valid for at least 6 months
  • Transcript of Diplomas
  • English Proficiency Certificate (optional)
  • Proof of financial capability for your living expenses
  • Updated resume


Work Visa Service

There are plenty of opportunities in the United States. Some applicants will stay there and eventually become citizens. One can find an employer to sponsor you visa. United States offers diverse level of job positions, with that, there will be a specific work visa that suits you. You can talk to us for further assistance on this.

There are minimum requirements you need to consider in order to get a working visa to the U.S. For some, it’s easy to get a working visa provided that you meet the minimum requirements.

Minimum Requirements

You must have a valid Vietnamese passport with at least 6 months validity. Have sufficient funds for your accommodation, pocket money and air tickets. High level of qualification and evidence of work experience of the chosen field. Evidence of good character such us police certificate. Provide updated resume and lastly, you must meet health requirements. If you think you can have this in your hand, our consultants will manage and represent you for your working visa. We will prepare you for immigration interview to get a higher chances of approval.

If you are unable to meet the minimum requirements, we suggests you to talk to us and we will assess your eligibility for work visa.


Partner Visa Service

If you are currently in the United States, we can help your partner who is currently in Vietnam to apply visa and eventually go to the United States with you. If you are an American citizen, odds are high that your wife or husband can get partner visa.

Eligible partners from Vietnam must be married with American citizen and must meet specific requirements. Our consultants will let you know how to meet the basic requirements and how to provide the information as accurate as possible.


Migration Visa Service

Your children, parents and relatives can apply visa to migrate in the United States. You must be an American citizen before your family member can apply a visa to join you in the United States permanently.

If you’d like to speak more about this, you may call our consultant at 1800 6670. We will provide you tips and details on requirements, procedures and interview questions. You will also know if you are eligible to get the visa, otherwise we will provide training for a higher chances of approval.


Are you eligible for Business Visa in the United States?

Applying a business visa in the United States is complicated in some cases. But for you to apply, you must meet their minimum requirement. If you are the business owner and developing a business in the united States, chances are high and you can easily get a business visa.

Seniors and executives of a multinational companies in the United States can also get a business visa without a problem. If you are having difficulty applying for business visa, you may contact us and we will schedule an interview, assess your documents, provide you tips on interview. We can also tell if you are eligible to apply otherwise we will identify the things you need to improve.

APEC Travel Card

If you are an executive, business owner or someone who does investment and trading in APEC economies, you can apply for APEC Travel Card. This will let you go freely to members of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation or APEC. You don’t have to apply for business Visa. This card will give you priorities whenever you enter United States or vice versa. To know more about your eligibility, please contact us for assessment.

Difficult Cases

Some visa applications were denied due to lack of knowledge on how to do it right. Here at IIBT, we will provide guide in visa application procedure, we will give you the right documents to prepare, you will get familiar with interview questions. By this, chances for your visa application will increase.

Before everything else, we will need to know if you are now eligible to apply and get your desired visa to the United States.

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IIBT eligibility interview will identify if you are qualified for Visa in United States of America, otherwise, we will provide details on what areas you need to improve in order to get the visa.

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