Are you eligible for Australian Business Visa?

Applying a business visa in the United States is complicated in some cases. But for you to apply, you must meet their minimum requirement. If you are the business owner and developing a business in the united States, chances are high and you can easily get a business visa.

Seniors and executives of a multinational companies in the United States can also get a business visa without a problem. If you are having difficulty applying for business visa, you may contact us and we will schedule an interview, assess your documents, provide you tips on interview. We can also tell if you are eligible to apply otherwise we will identify the things you need to improve.

APEC Travel Card

If you are an executive, business owner or someone who does investment and trading in APEC economies, you can apply for APEC Travel Card. This will let you go freely to members of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation or APEC. You don’t have to apply for business Visa. This card will give you priorities whenever you enter United States or vice versa. To know more about your eligibility, please contact us for assessment.

Difficult Cases

Some visa applications were denied due to lack of knowledge on how to do it right. Here at IIBT, we will provide guide in visa application procedure, we will give you the right documents to prepare, you will get familiar with interview questions. By this, chances for your visa application will increase.

Before everything else, we will need to know if you are now eligible to apply and get your desired visa to the United States.

Check you eligibility today:

IIBT eligibility interview will identify if you are qualified for Visa in United States of America, otherwise, we will provide details on what areas you need to improve in order to get the visa.

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