Partner Visa Service

If you are currently in the United Kingdom, we can help your partner to apply visa and eventually go to UK with you. If you are already a British citizen, odds are high that your wife or husband can get partner visa.

Eligible partners from Vietnam, married or unmarried with a British citizen and must meet specific requirements. Our consultants will let you know how to meet the basic requirements and how to provide the information as accurate as possible.


Applicants must be in the right age, English proficiency level, accommodation and funds. Most of the requirements re the same with other visas to UK and other countries. One thing unique in this application is you need to submit proof that you and your partner are in genuine relationship. You can provide photos and other evidences such as marriage contract. Generally, it is easier to apply if you are married.

Partner visa applicants may also be required to meet certain health and character requirements. If you have further questions on Partner visa application, you can reach us at 1800 6670 for more details.

Difficult Cases

Some visa applications were denied due to lack of knowledge on how to do it right. Here at IIBT, we will provide guide in visa application procedure, we will give you the right documents to prepare, you will get familiar with interview questions. By this, chances for your visa application will increase.

Before everything else, we will need to know if you are now eligible to apply and get your desired visa to the United Kingdom.

Check you eligibility today:

IIBT eligibility interview will identify if you are qualified for Visa in United Kingdom, otherwise, we will provide details on what areas you need to improve in order to get the visa.

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You can visit us anytime at 6th Floor, 90-92 Dinh Tien Hoang, District 1, HCMC or call us at 1800 6670 for free.